Conditions for the processing of personal data

The protection of customer personal data is an important part of FILL Networks OÜ's work.

The purpose of the Personal Data Processing Conditions is to inform you, as a customer, about what personal data is subject to processing, recording and transfer to third parties.

FILL Networks OÜ processes your following personal data: identification data (name and surname, personal code, date of birth, identification number (passport, ID-card)); contact information (address of residence, e-mail address).

CCTV systems are installed in the representative office and office premises of FILL Networks OU. Recording of the CCTV system is considered as personal data if it can be used to identify an individual.

FILL Networks OÜ keeps records of telephone conversations with the customer support service, which contain data on the content and duration of the conversation, the customer's phone number.

Regular and electronic correspondence with FILL Networks OÜ contains information about the addressee, timestamps (date of sending, in e-mails - time), content of letters.

FILL Networks OÜ owns detailed information related to the communication services provided: the content and cost of the services received, which is reflected in the concluded contracts, the user name (identifier) for authorization, data for determining the date, time and duration of the Internet session, IP address, assigned by the Internet service provider and used during the connection, the destination IP address of the IP packet transmitted over the Internet, site visit data (for example, URL, DNS, site IP address), data volume.

The list of data to be processed is not exhaustive and may be supplemented by other data containing personal information about the client.

FILL Networks OÜ has the right to process your data within the limits established by the Law.

FILL Networks OÜ is obliged to provide information about you to public authorities (police, court, prosecutor's office, etc.) This is done in accordance with established strict procedures.

FILL Networks OÜ has the right to provide data on debtors - persons who have not fulfilled their financial obligations to FILL Networks OÜ to companies that manage information about debtors and provide data to third parties for credit assessment (Krediidiinfo, etc.)

The data of the debtor shall be submitted under the conditions provided for by law and only after notification of the debtor of the violation of financial obligations by him.

Information about the client's debt for payment can be transferred to the collection company.

In accordance with the statutory rules, FILL Networks OÜ, as a creditor, has the right to assign the right to claim receivables to another person, who as a result becomes a new creditor. Such a transfer does not require the consent of the debtor, who may be notified of the transfer of rights by the new creditor.

FILL Networks OÜ processes, stores and deletes personal data in accordance with the data storage guidelines of FILL Networks OÜ. Personal data is processed for as long as it is technically and economically necessary or until the law no longer requires the storage of personal data. After that, personal data is deleted.

Anonymous data means that it cannot be identified, to determine the identity of the person behind this data. This also means that it is not possible to provide the client with information about such data.

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