Terms of Service

These terms and conditions are an integral part of any Agreement concluded between the Subscriber and FILL Networks OÜ.

Concepts used in FILL Networks OÜ Agreements.
FILL Networks OÜ (hereinafter referred to as the Operator), registration code 11481014, legal address Karja 5-5, 20306 Narva.
Subscriber - a natural or legal person who is or has been used by the services of FILL Networks OÜ on the basis of an agreement, or a person who has given his consent to the use of his personal data to receive services.
Client Representative – an individual who represents the Subscriber on the terms provided for by law (a member of the board of a commercial association, an authorized person acting on the basis of a power of attorney, etc.), a member of the Subscriber's family can also act as a representative.
Agreement - any agreement that is concluded between the Operator and the Subscriber for the receipt of services provided by the Operator. The subscriber confirms with his signature that he has read the terms of the contract and agrees with them.
Equipment – devices that the Subscriber purchases or leases from the Operator in order to use the services of FILL Networks OÜ.
When using the services, the Subscriber can use his equipment, which technically can be used in the Operator's network, which is compatible with the Operator's equipment and does not interfere with the Operator's network in any way.

Personal data is information about the Subscriber that he provides in connection with the services provided by the Operator.
Personal data may include data that became known to the Operator in connection with the implementation of the Agreement (data about equipment or software, etc.) The subscriber using the external static IP service assumes full responsibility for the safety of his personal data and his network equipment.

Identity document - a document issued by a state institution, in which the name, surname and date of birth of the user or personal identification number are entered, as well as a photograph or image of a person and a signature or image of a signature, unless otherwise provided by law or a legal act enacted on its basis.

Representative office of FILL Networks OÜ – customer service bureau of FILL Networks OÜ.

The contract, which is concluded with the Subscriber, comes into force from the moment of signing. The minimum term of the contract is 3 months.
In case of cancellation of the Agreement earlier than this term, the Subscriber compensates the Operator for connection costs in the amount of 25 euros.
The operator provides the Subscriber with technical support by telephone of the dispatcher daily from 9.00 to 21.00
The Operator, if necessary, makes trips to the Subscriber. In case of malfunctions that arose due to the fault of the Operator, the call is free of charge, in other situations - the call is paid.
The Operator has 48 hours from the moment of the Subscriber's statement about the problems in receiving the service, which were reported to the Operator during business hours by technical support telephones.

The Operator informs the Subscriber about changes in the conditions for the provision of services no later than 30 days before the changes on the Operator's homepage www.fill.ee, by SMS, by letter sent to the e-mail address indicated in the contract or which was reported by a separate written message via e-mail or paper document.
The Operator is not responsible for the damage or malfunction of the equipment incurred by the Subscriber if the damage or malfunction is caused by circumstances that the Operator could not influence and the occurrence of which the Operator did not foresee and could not foresee.
The Operator is not responsible for violation of the terms of the contract, for the quality of the services provided to the Subscriber, if this violation/restriction occurred in the event of force majeure circumstances: fire, natural disasters (including thunderstorms), power surges or accumulation of static electricity; war and hostilities; prohibiting acts and actions of state institutions; power outages; theft of equipment, as well as other incidents of an emergency nature that could not have been foreseen or prevented.
The Subscriber undertakes to accept and pay for the Services in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and the standard conditions of the Operator.
In case of non-payment on time, the Operator has the right to terminate the provision of all types of services until the debt is repaid. If the Subscriber's payment is overdue by more than 2 months, the Operator has the right to transfer its claims to the Subscriber to third parties.

Termination and renewal of the contract for the provision of services occurs only upon a written application from the Subscriber. All changes to the contract are made on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If changes occur on a weekend or holiday, the Subscriber must provide an application in advance. The message can be sent by the Subscriber by e-mail, by a message from the website www.fill.ee in the "Technical support" section or by making a paper document.

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